Let’s face it – having the battery die in your favorite watch can be a total buzzkill. Not only does it add a task to your to-do list and take an accessory out of your lineup, but it also creates waste.

That’s why watches that don’t need batteries are becoming increasingly popular.

If you don’t feel like hunting down the right replacement battery for your Nixon watch, or going through the steps to change a Nixon watch battery, consider checking out a watch that doesn’t need ANY batteries!

At Nixon, our line of Automatic watches is where you’ll want to look for this type of watch. The styles available are constantly updating, so if a model below isn’t currently available then check out our full Automatic watch collection to see what we currently have in stock.

Here are some of our favorite watches that don’t need a battery.

Nixon's Best Watches That Don't Use a Battery


Man carries a bag wearing the Nixon Spectra Automatic watch.

The Nixon Spectra is the newest addition (at the time of this writing) to our family of Automatic watches. And it’s one of our most popular!

The Spectra Automatic watch features a unique see-through skeleton dial and clear case back that give you a look into the inner mechanics of the timepiece.

You’ll notice this watch has no batteries. That’s how Automatic watches work. Instead of batteries, these watches use the natural movement of the wearer to generate power.

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5th Element

Gold Nixon 5th Element Automatic watch that doesn't need a battery.

The Nixon 5th Element is another Automatic wristwatch that doesn’t use a single battery. Like the Spectra, this fully-jeweled Automatic watch features a clear case back to give you a glimpse into what makes this watch tick.

Its 42mm case makes this watch a comfortable fit on both men and women. Plus, it’s currently available in three different colorways: silver, black and gold.

5th Element Discontinued - Shop Available Automatics


Shop Nixon Supremacy Automatic watch

Don’t let the simplicity of the Nixon Supremacy mislead you – this watch is serious business. The Supremacy is a men’s watch that doesn’t use batteries because it has an Automatic movement.

And, as an added bonus, the movement in this watch is of extremely high quality. It uses precise, Swiss-Made Automatic Movement to help keep you on track and on time.

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Man changes the time of the Nixon Diplomatic watch that doesn't need a battery.

Drawing from chronograph design details that make our Nixon 51-30 Chrono so beloved, the Nixon Diplomatic is a true statement piece.

Like the Supremacy above, the Diplomatic uses Swiss-Made Automatic Movement. Unlike the Supremacy, the Diplomatic features a unidirectional rotating watch bezel. This Chronograph watch bezel can be used as a countdown timer.

Diplomatic Discontinued - Shop Available Automatics

More Battery-Saving Nixon Watches

If the above Automatic watch options don’t appeal to you, you could consider checking out our selection of Solar watches. Solar watches require batteries to work, but these batteries typically last much longer than those in Quartz watches.

Currently, we have two Solar watches you’ll want to check out: the Light-Wave and the Optimist. But keep an eye out for new Solar watches.