Celebrating International Women's Day, we'd like to shout out the Nixon Team powerhouse trio of Caity Simmers, Nora Vasconcellos and Jill Perkins.

Nixon Team Caity Simmers

Caity Simmers has a fresh approach to surfing. Last year, she turned down her spot on the Championship Tour (the first to ever do it) to focus on her own projects. She still ended up winning Stab's Best Female Junior of 2022. Plus, with that extra time, she filmed, surfed in, and edited “Toasted,” a heavy and captivating surf film she recently released. This year, she qualified for Championship Tour again and is now making herself known at every stop. The future of surfing is in good hands.

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Nixon Team Nora Vasconcellos

Nora Vasconcellos has become a skateboarding icon. When she was younger, she quit her job and took a train to California to try to make it in skateboarding. Last year, she became the first woman to have a pro model shoe on adidas. Flip through a Thrasher and you’ll likely see Nora featured at least once. She’s also a talented artist, stylish surfer, and a genuinely fun person to be around. “Vasconcellos awes with her unique style of skating," writes Rolling Stone magazine.

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Nixon Team Jill Perkins

Jill Perkins is an awesome anomaly, and the snowboard industry can’t get enough of her. She didn’t start snowboarding regularly until senior year in high school. Then, hard work, focus and style catapulted her onto the snowboard scene fast. After years of accolades, Jill officially turned pro last year for Ride Snowboards. She also recently dropped footage for two films: Van’s “It’s Love” and Dakine’s “WICKER.” Wise, inspiring and humble, Jill is a blessing to all things snowboarding and all things planet earth.

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