Recycled Ocean Plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastic Products

Oceans are no place for plastic waste. But the sad reality is that oceans around the planet have plastic litter in them. This plastic breaks down, gets into the food chain, is taken in by fish and other ocean animals, and eventually makes its way back to us humans. Ocean plastic is a problem in desperate need of a solution.

One way to help eliminate ocean plastic waste is by recycling it. And that's just what we do with our line of recycled ocean plastic products. 

Recycled Ocean Plastic Watches

Some of our favorite surf watches we've ever made are actually created with recycled materials. The watch case of the Staple surf watch is made with recycled materials, and so is the High Tide, Siren and Base Tide Pro. Few respect the ocean as much as surfers do, and now that respect can be rocked as a statement style piece that helps reduce plastic pollution.

And even if you're not a surfer, you can still get in on our line of products made from sustainable materials. The Light-Wave is a subtle yet totally sustainable analog watch that both men and women love. Both the watch case and watch band on the Light-Wave are made from ocean plastics. Plus, the Light-Wave is a solar watch! That's what we call the sustainability double whammy.

Our line of recycled ocean plastic products isn't limited to watches though. We've also created a series of awesome bags made from things like plastic water bottles that have found their way into our oceans.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Bags

Whether you're looking for a travel bag, wallet, or just a sling to carry a few of your favorite brewskis, you can get in on our products made from recycled plastic.

The Hauler is one of our most popular backpacks. And it's no coincidence that it's made from REPREVE® recycled plastics. Or, check out the Escape Duffel for a travel bag made from recycled ocean materials.

We also have a couple recycled ocean plastics bags that are perfect for carrying the little things. Our Bandit Bag is a unique take on the classic fanny pack. And our Wizard Sling is the ideal bag for transporting some tasty beverages for a day in the sun. Both bags are made from recycled plastic pulled from our oceans.

So, next time you're looking for some new gear, do it sustainably. This selection of products made from recycled ocean plastic is the best place to start.