Women's Minimalist Watches

Beauty, through simplicity, is the motto of our minimalist watches for women. When you strip away the excess and bring a watch to it's most basic essence, it reveals something impressive. Minimalist women's watches come in many shapes and sizes. From analog to digital, metal to plastic, the material and movements are simply the vehicles for producing a timepiece that makes a big statement with very little fanfare.

Nixon minimalist analog watches are uncomplicated yet still have design details that warrant a closer look. Dial indices, hands, and the watch case are all opportunities to place those elements that may get missed on the first glance but are unforgettable once you discover them.

Minimalist digital watches for women are slim and lightweight, perfect for sports and activities or all-day wearability. Even though they have such a low profile, we keep the essential digital features for timing workouts or reminding you of that power meeting.