Men's Dress Watches

Dress watches are the final flourish to take any formal outfit from classy to cover shot-worthy. Men's dress watches are one of our most popular categories because we approach them as something you can wear to the party and after-party without batting an eye.

Dress watches for men can be found with analog and digital movements. While analog watches are the typical dress watch for men, we make digital dress watches that look just as refined.

Our analog dress watches for men come in styles that range from minimalist to feature-packed. Price range does not designate a dress watch, as we have affordable dress watches that have all the refinement you need for a formal affair. We also have automatic movement dress watches that are the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality. Automatics don't require a battery; they run off the kinetic energy of your wrist movement.

Digital dress watches come in pure digital movements to analog-digital movements, which combine both a digital display and analog hands. Some of these watches have displays that can be hidden to appear as if the watch is a true analog while keeping the digital functionality secret.

Dress watches for men are ideal for weddings, nights on the town, and more. When you need to dress up, we've got plenty of watches to help finish off your outfit.