Men's Pilot Aviation Watches

Get ready for take-off with a new pilot watch. Aviator or not, anyone can appreciate the features these classic chronographs have. A good pilot watch has to be versatile, easy to read, and durable. Where Nixon aviator watches differ is with our design details, material choices, and a bit more personality than your average, coach-class, chronograph.

Our pilot watches are incredibly versatile. They are just as appropriate for the office as they are for a night out on the town. Their dial designs are bold and readable at a glance. Our pilot watches also have durable cases and crystals to stand up to the turbulence of daily wear.

When you choose a Nixon pilot-style watch, you get more than a great looking timepiece. You get a chronograph that has the history and legacy of Nixon design. We can't settle for just another pilot watch; we inject our personality and fun into the details, so every time you look down, you feel super fly.